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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Active History at LeDuc Mansion

If you are a history buff, love architecture or enjoy living history you must take the opportunity to visit the town of Hastings. Make sure you add a stop at the LeDuc Estate.

These elegant grounds and Estate were built back in 1865-66 for William and Mary LeDuc. It is considered one of the finest intact examples of architectural Gothic Revival by Andrew Jackson Downing.

What really makes this museum so outstanding are the volunteers who put on the plays and portray the colorful characters of history. On special event weekends you can visit with the soldiers of a Civil War encampment, play old time games, hear political debates, or see some talented works at the Hastings Artist show.

How did families store ice before we had refrigeration? Go to the back of the grounds and see the Ice House actually storing ice. Is it true they had secret underground tunnels in the mansion leading to the Vermillion River? Is this Mansion really haunted?

How about sharing a high tea in the afternoon with friends and learning how Mr. LeDuc influenced the tea industry in the United States.

Click here to learn more about the dates and times of these special event weekends at: http://www.leduc@co.dakota.mn.us

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Anonymous said...

What a fabulous time our home school group had touring the LeDuc today! More impressive than even the amazing Mansion (and its incredible history), was the professionalism and hospitality of the staff. Hastings has a real gem, and the wonderful folks there do it justice. We are anxious to return...